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Can't stand the night

Fallin' tears, a broken heart
here I sit as time goes by
'cause all I had has gone forever
Can't stand the night

The fun we had, I knew so well
That something so deep inside
The last few days have been pure hell
Can't stand the night

Love - you tore my world apart
But still I can't escape
You touched me and you hold me
The nights are hard to take

I know her body, her hair, her eyes
I know she should belong to me
But she's a one man's girl forever
lovin' deeply - why not me

Love why do I take you
And why do you take me
Take my breath, or you take my heart
All you give is pain
A course upon your name
Can't you see, it isn't right
Can't stand the night

Tell me where I have gone wrong
Give me a reason why
Tell me how to win her back
Can't stand the night

Oceans filled with tears
Mountains made of pain
And my eyes are sad each time
The night it comes back again.....



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